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Loftrompet voor Sabien Tiels
foto voor beste originele song van 2019

Sabien Tiels won voor haar single DANS de Loftrompet van MENT, Vlapo en Sabam voor beste originele song van 2019.  De trofee werd haar uitgereikt door Frederik Meeuwis van Sabam tijdens een gala-uitzending op MENT TV.

Eric Rylee FLYing high in Benelux

Eric Rylee reached the Number 1 position in the I-tunes-charts in both Holland and Belgium and his clip passed the One Million mark on YouTube.

SABIEN TIELS stelt nieuwe CD voor

Op vrijdag 7 juni is hij er: LICHT, het nieuwe album van Sabien Tiels. Kom er mee kennis maken in GC Den Ichter te Oudsbergen.  

foto maak kennis met LICHT

Sabien Tiels stelt op vrijdag 24 april haar nieuwe album LICHT voor in avant-premiere in GC De kluize te Scheldewindeke - Oosterzele. Met full band. LIVE. Niet te missen.

Rooftop Renegades are N° 1
foto in the Dutch charts

Rooftop Renegades climbed all the way to the top in the Dutch NED FM TOP 40 in Holland.  Well done.

Rooftop Renegades in the Dutch charts
foto Keep On Walking

Rooftop Renegades hits the charts in Holland.  They were the highest new entry in the week of September 17th.  One week later they climb 5 more places. Great.

foto 2008-2018

We are happy to celebrate this month of September 10 years of Cricket Hill Music, with lots of highlights (see picture attached)


The Robert Abigail remix of DANGER by ROOFTOP RENEGADES is now released all over Europe: GSA (Catchfire/Sony), Scandinavia (Kashcow/Sony), Italy (Suono Rec), Romania (Lanoy) and Benelux (Beatimplant/Kontor). At IMS and MIDEM we will be looking for more partners.

Rooftop Renegades on MTV in Italy

First radios and MTV announced in Italy.

Rooftop Renegades go Europe

Rooftop Renegades sign, after Benelux, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria & Switzreland a new deal: with Suono Records in Italy.  11 countries release their track DANGER so far.

MUSIGAMY: New publishing partner in France
foto based in Paris

MUSIGAMY became the new publishing partner for Cricket Hill in France.  Welcome to the family!

foto with Smilax Publishing

I am happy to announce a brandnew sub-publishing deal for the Cricket Hill Music Catalogue in ITALY with SMILAX Publishing. First release on one of the SMILAX Records compilations: Raindeer Bump feat. Tyana Bay. Looking forward to a wonderful collaboration.

foto release via Coast To Coast

COZIN  is a popfolk band from Ghent with a distinctive acoustic sound marked by catchy melodies and beautiful vocal harmonies. The melancholic songs are created by singer-songwriter Dorien Staljanssens, who accompanies herself on piano or guitar. She is backed by Muriel Boulanger, who is magnificent on double bass, and the graceful violinist, Anne Van Steenwinkel. Muriel and Anne double as a string orchestra or a rhythm section, and lift the music with engaging backing vocals. After a very succesful crowdfundingcampaign, they will release their debut album in April 2017 with producer Koen Gisen (An Pierlé, Sarah Ferri, Bony King, Dans Dans).

Stephanie Blanchoud on TF 1
foto Series ENNEMI PUBLIC starts Monday February

Stephanie Blanchoud stars in the international success TV series ENNEMI PUBLIC and launches a new single MES BONNES MANIERES

foto Sisters of 90s group reunited

OK ALL RIGHT, AIN’T NOTHING TO IT, HAVIN’ A GOOD TIME, DON’T BE SILLY were a few of the group s 90s hits. They now relaunch with own written material and it is better than ever.  Welcome to the Cricket Hill family sisters!

28th participation at MIDEM

Since 1989 we represent our music at MIDEM. TEMPO, EMI (partnership), PolyGram, UNIVERSAL, VAR/VRT and now as CRICKET HILL MUSIC. 

New partnership in Belgium
foto with De Persgroep

Cricket Hill acts as a consultant in authors rights and new product development for De Persgroep, publisher of leading newspapers Het Laatste Nieuws and De Morgen and magazines such as Dag Allemaal and Story.



Nesh X Beyond Birds

Het werk van Nesh Music met Beyond Birds tijdens de lockdown resulteerde in de EP Blue Flowers, met 5 indiepoptracks rond actuele thema s zoals eenzaamheid en angst maar ook troost en hoop. Het bijzondere aan die samenwerking is het feit dat ze elkaar fysiek nooit ontmoet hebben. Via internet kwamen de nummers tot stand. Jonas componeerde eerst de beats en Hanneke voegde er tekst en zang aan toe. Ten slotte mixte Jonas alles tot een boeiend geheel. Laat je meevoeren naar een wereld van melancholie en mysterie gemixt met toch wel stevige, catchy beats.

Rooftop Renegades

The second E.P. of Rooftop Renegades, including all their radiohits and the brandnew Ollin Kan remix of LIGHTS ON.

Check it out!

Rooftop Renegades

Ollin Kan (band member of Klingande) remixed this great track by Rooftop Renegades.  it sheds a whole new light on the international potential of this band.

Sabien Tiels featuring Westelinck

Deze nieuwe single van Sabien Tiels, samen geschreven en gezongen met Niko Weswtelinck, in een productie van Niko, steekt een hart onder de riem van iedereen die het moeilijk heeft.

Laat de golven, maar tekeer gaan, we slaan er ons wel door.

Christine A & Danzel

Christine A is a stunning singer, born in Belgium but with clear Italian roots. She collaborated with amongst others Nuccio Tortora, Gigi D Alessio, Marco Masini and many others. 
DANZEL is a former Idols finalist who scored a huge international hit with PUMP IT UP, a song that brought him to stardom in many countries.  WHISPER AND I WILL KNOW is the first collaboration between Christine A and Danzel, but might be the start for more.

Danzel is known for his worldwide hit PUMP IT UP.  Licensed to ULTRA in the U.S. Pump It Up has more than 42 million views on YouTube. Danzel has almost 200.000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Sabien Tiels

REIZEN IN MIJN HOOFD is een trip van Sabien Airways, vanaf vrijdag 15 mei te boeken op alle bekende digitale platformen (voor 99 cent te downloaden en gratis te streamen). Dit is een serieuze kanshebber op een zomerhit in 2020 in Vlaanderen.


(The) Skyblasters are Belgiums most well known reggae band. For the summer of 2020 they come back with an irresistible song, produced by internationally known producer Peter Gillis (The Dinky Toys, Marky Marc, AB Logic, Zzzipoo Man, K3, ...).


Nieuwe single uit het album LICHT van Sabien Tiels, van dezelfde schrijvers als JIJ KENT ME BETER DAN IK, een schrijverstrio rond Sabien Tiels 


Mùzo is een Nederlandstalige muziekgroep bestaande uit zanger Bart Verheecke en componist Jonas Verlaet. Geboren te Eeklo (Bart) en te Beveren (Jonas), vonden beiden hun creatieve weg naar Gent. 

Samen creëren ze wat het best omschreven kan worden als digitale kleinkunst.
Ze willen af van de schaamteloze promotie van het uitgebloeide Engelstalige lied ten koste van het Nederlandstalige lied, het liedrepertoire en de beleving ervan. We herkennen de sterke elementen en integreren ze in onze songs. Technisch gezien zijn ze een nieuw genre: de digitale kleinkunst.

Christine A

Christine A è una cantautrice nata a Liége in Belgio, ma con chiare origini italiane, ha ereditato la sua passione per la musica ed il canto da suo nonno.

Il 2015 è stato un anno difficile per Christine poiché è stata coinvolta in uccidente molto serio dove ha perso un caro amico, le sue canzoni sono inspirate da quest’evento. Christine ha sentito il bisogno di esprimere le sue emozioni nella sua lingua di origine.

The Nelson Twinz

New single by these talented Dutch girls. Tachena fell in love with the guitar, where Seantelle prefers the keyboard.
Topproducer Serge Ramaekers (Confetti’s, Cartouche, 2 Fabiola, T-Spoon (Sex On the Beach), Freddy Mercury, ...) proved to be the ‘perfect match’ for the recording of this song and the first reactions are thrilling.

Sabien Tiels

Een zeer stevige song, nieuwe single (23/08/19) en terug een samenwerking met de Britse producer Paul Drew.

Whyse feat. Mike Wolfs

Belgian-American connection with lead singer Mike Wolfs in this new Whyse production.


Roberto Pakal is what you could call a very young 60 plus guy. He has been an artist, both as a visual artist and as a performer, the whole of his life and due to a throat problem he experienced at a very young age, he is able to sing as a Tuvan throat singer. He made a distinctive impression in the Belgian The Voice in 2014 but had to wait till he met Jay Daghelet of Whyse to record his first own song.

WHYSE featuring Young B

Whyse, consisting of 2 brothers and 1 sister, is a pop-dance producers project from Antwerp, working with different vocalists.  This track is with Young B., famous for his hits such as The Price of Success, Laydown and Never Change.


Belgo-German band LAPDOGZ takes you on a musical trip to Manhattan and other must-see places.

Rooftop Renegades

New single by Rooftop Renegades, the Belgian twin brothers. Formerly finalists of The Voice, number one in Holland with Keep On Walking.  They had their track DANGER remixed by Robert Abigail and were on tour in April in Germany.


Their father came from Suriname, their mother was lead-singer of famous 90s act SONIC SURFERS, so it is fair to say that Dutch twin sisters Tachena and Seantelle Nelson were destined for a career in music.  Tachena plays the guitar, Seantelle the keyboards and together they sing in perfect close harmony.  Nu Soul with a twist, aiming towards the younger audience.


DE zomersingle van 2019 zou wel eens deze van Sabien Tiels kunnen zijn: DANS. Onweerstaanbaar.


COZIN is a three women band, real top musicians (and good looking on top of that), who got into contact with Steve Greenwell (Joss Stone, Arrested Development, ...) who produced a few tracks for them. GALILEO is representative for the musical direction COZIN wants to head to.


THOUGHT OF LOVE was recorded at SONG CITY 2018. Written by Rooftop Renegades and Paul Drew. Follow-up to their Number 1 single KEEP ON WALKING, in the Dutch NED FM TOP 40 chart.  This single should bring Rooftop Renegades to international success. 
It is again produced by U.K. producer Paul Drew and was selected as the soundbed to the new Universal Audio campaign

Marcel de Groot & Bart Herman

Allereerste duet tussen Marcel de Groot (zoon van Boudewijn) en Bart Herman, geschreven tijdens hun kennismaking op de internationale songschrijfweek Song City 2018.
Een onweerstaanbare song.

Sabien Tiels

Deze single blijven we ondersteunen.  Deze week (8-12) nummer 15 in de ULTRATOP Vlaams. Bekijk ook de unieke geanimeerde clip op YouTube.


They have a history and worked with poroducer Brian Pugsley in the past, now with Chrismar Chayell of A Split Second for their new album MIDLIFE MOVES.  For those who like good uptempo electronic music with 80s and 90s influences this album is a must have.


LAPDOGZ is a Belgian-German band and IN LIVING COLOR is their fantastic debut album. 


Char-B has a third single and it s in Dutch 


UBIQUITOUS is the new single of Belgo-German band LAPDOGZ, announcing their debut album IN LIVING COLOR available October 26th


Time to finally write my own songs, says Miguel Fernandez, a Spanish music veteran, and he starts with CABILA. 

Rooftop Renegades

New single for Rooftop Renegades and the second one they wrote in the U.K. and that was also produced there. The former single, DANGER, was licensed to no less than 12 countries and got a remix by Robert Abigail soon to be released worldwide on Catchfire/SONY.



Alweer een nieuwe single van Sabien? Ah ja.  Geschreven in Engeland, samen met Paul Drew (o.a. actief voor Clouseau) en Jack Duxbury (Rag n Bone Man). Sabien nieuwe stijl, en die bruist en leeft en mag er helemaal zijn.  Deze song wordt allicht een nieuwe zomerhit.

Rooftop Renegades - Robert Abigail REMIX

Robert Abigail remix for DANGER a successful radio track by Rooftop Renegades, twin brothers from Belgium who co-wrote this track in the U.K.  Released internationally by Beatimplant, Catchfire, Kashcow, Suono Records and more.

The Nelson Twinz

The Nelson Twinz are Tachena and Seantelle Nelson. Dutch twins of Surinamese descendance.
Music runs through their veins. Their father is a well known Surinamese producer and musician who plays the trombone and trumpet. Their mother is a singer who took part in the 90’s euro dance-act project The Sonic Surfers.

As toddlers the always smiling twins started singing on a daily base and never stopped ever since. At the age of 11 years old they started wriFng songs. Tachena fell in love with the guitar and is determined to learn this instrument and become good at it. The same goes for her sister Seantelle, but she plays keyboard.

The ladies are modest, cheerful and very friendly and their purpose is to bring smiles on the faces of people they meet.


Phil Wilde is the writer-producer of all 2Unlimited hits and Anita was the singer.  Need I say more?


The twin brothers from Genk (Belgium) went to England to write and record their new single. Caution/Kontor releases it in Benelux, Kashcow/Sony in Scandinavia.  More deals on the way.


Zangeres en songschrijfster YASMINE overleed in 2009, nauwelijks een jaar nadat ze deelnam aan Song City 2008, een internationaal songschrijfkamp met afsluitend concert.  

Daar schreef ze de pakkende song ‘KWART VOOR TIJD’ die nu, woensdag 9 augustus 2017, wordt gereleased.  Topsong! Kippenvel!

De opbrengsten van deze song gaan naar Make A Wish, de organisatie waar Yasmine de meter van was. 

Def Dames Dope

A new single for Def Dames Dope, the 90s hit group. This one written by themselves. Sounds like a hit.


The new single of Flemish Number One artist Will Tura "Viva La Vida" is co-written by Kit Hain and is published by Cricket Hill Music.


The new Bob Sinclar single is now coming out in France. The track is already charting in some territories.


Als jij het niet meer weet (Sabien Tiels featuring Westelinck)
Break Out (Kato)
Break Your Fall (The Osmonds)
Building Bridges (Milow)
Danger (Rooftop Renegades)
Dans (Sabien Tiels)
Décor (Stéphanie Blanchoud & Daan)
Dronken romantiek (Arne Vanhaecke)

Flamingo (Kato)
Forget About Love (Barbara Dex)
Heartbreaker (Natalia)
Heb jij dat ook? (Marcel de Groot & Bart Herman)
Hier en nu (Sabien Tiels) 
I Surrender (Monrose)
I Want You (Bob Sinclar)
Jij kent me beter dan ik (Sabien Tiels)
Just A Girl (Stan Van Samang)
Keep On Walking (Rooftop Renegades) (#1 in NED FM TOP 40)
Keizer van de nacht (Eva De Roovere)
King Of Diamonds (The Sinderellas)
K.O. Love (Keyoh)
Kwart voor tijd (Yasmine)
Little In The Middle (Milow)
Maybe Today (Stan Van Samang)
Milky Way (Kato)
Out Of My Hands (Milow & Marit Larsen – top 10 GSA)
Patati Patata (Biezebaaze)
Rambo (Milow)
Ready For The World (Dave Till & Henry Johnson feat. Jane Delaney)
Reizen in mijn hoofd (Sabien Tiels)
She Might She Might (Milow)
Simple Life (Stan Van Samang)
Slaapt de zon (Eva De Roovere)
Suits You Well (Kato)
Take Me To Your Rhythm (Phil Wilde feat. Anita)
Touché (Bob Sinclar)
(The) Ride (Milow)
Unbreakable (Conchita Wurst)
Viva La Vida (Will Tura)
Welcome Home (Stan Van Samang)
Waar je ook maar bent (You Can Count On Me) (Will Tura)
When We Get 2Gether (diMaro) (top 10 Russia)
Why Should I Wait (from the movie “Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück”)
Wildste ritme (Sabien Tiels)


As publishers we represent a.o.:

  • Kaye-Ree (GE) (Benelux only) Kaye-Ree 'New Air'
  • Charlotte Babalola Abiodun (BE) Char-B
  • Stephanie Blanchoud (CH/BE) duo w. Daan
  • Kurt Burgelman (BE) (Biezebaaze - Lapdogz)
  • Def Dames Dope DDD (BE) Many int'l hits
  • Kit Hain (U.S.) [Chaka Khan - Cher - Heart - Fleetwood Mac - Cyndi Lauper - The Temptations - Selena - Milow]
  • Ariane Jansoone aka AJ Sun (BE) [TLD - Vivian D Black]
  • Ollin Kan (BE) Liam Chan - Renato Marquez
  • Martin-le-Vilain (BE) Merdab Taplak - Sander W. - U-Ness - Beat Secrets
  • Geoffrey Oryema (FR) (+2019) Cercle de Minuit, Daniel Lanois, Brian Eno
  • Andres Romero (BE) [2 Fabiola - Leopold 3 - Nunca - Pitaboys]
  • Rooftop Renegades (BE) (Keep On Walking/Danger/Thought Of Love)
  • Sabien Tiels (BE) Jij kent me beter dan ik/Dans/Wildste Ritme
  • Dave Till (BE) TomorrowLand, TomorrowWorld, BeachLand


We also act as administration or co-publishing or sub-publishing or neighbouring rights collecting partners for the Benelux for several European and US published songs and catalogues.

Ref: Base Publishing – BelAire Continental Music – Rossio Music Publiushing - Silva Screen Music.


Cricket Hill is run by an executive with 20 years+ experience at the helm of companies such as PolyGram Music, Universal Music Publishing as well as top media firms. We can advise you in different matters regarding the music and media business (such as music publishing - both national and worldwide –, media trends, new tv formats etc.).


We pitch and place your masters for you with international partners through our worldwide network. We find the deals and help you negotiate them (or negotiate for you). You sign the deals and get paid the net advances and royalties.


Most of our songs are available for recording by artists and/or pitching for synchronisation purposes (advertising, movies, TV).  Sometimes we control both master rights and publishing rights.
We are certainly there to help you find that one unique song that can make a difference for your artist, campaign, soundtrack, website, …

If you are an advertising, movie, music or media professional, you can send us a mail at together with some personal information and you will get a selection of top songs for your campaign.


We have a 20 years + experience in A&R (artist & repertoire) with an attic full of gold and platinum records in territories such as Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and much more. We are ready to assist you in any artistic guidance you might need for your musical project.
As experienced marketing executives Cricket Hill can offer you marketing ideas and strategies to launch your new project or new artist within the Benelux.   


We developed a few exclusive and original TV formats (such as ‘The Music Village’ and ‘Song City TV’) where music is the main ingredient.  If you might be interested in receiving more information about our formats, please feel free to contact us. Formats, names and logos are ® in most territories.


We launched and managed several top artists in the past and are ready to share our experience with new clients in a consultancy or eventually co-manager role.

Ref: Dirk Brossé – The Dinky Toys – Kid Safari – Geena Lisa – a.m.m.


We organise just a few music events but one of those already has an international following.

Ref: Song City 2007 & 2008 & soon 2014 – Music Village (Muziekdorp) (in the making)


We represent exclusively the TEMPO catalogue of masters, with a.o. :
  • The B-Tunes
  • Dirk Brossé *
  • Marijn Devalck
  • OST Daens (Oscar nomination 1992)
  • The Dinky Toys
* (limited titles only) and the original recordings of PARADISIO (worldhit: “Bailando”)

We co-own the complete SUFAMACO master and publishing catalogue (90’s top DANCE label) ith all the hits of:
  • CM (Dream Universe)
  • D.J. Kalpa
  • The Mackenzie feat. Jessy [a.o.  Innocence-Arpegia (Without You)-...]
  • Marino Stephano [the Trance king]
  • Third Bass [The Soul-Take Control-…]
  • Virtual Zone [Heaven-Virtual Zone-…]

Feel free to ask for any sample you might need.

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